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Jessie/Rugby Puppy
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Panda/Tonka Puppy
Panda/Tonka Puppy


Below are some photos of puppies from previous litters and comments from people who have bought the puppies.

Black female - Rio/Bentley litter

Hi Catherine, Just have to share! Gracie is the most adaptable, adorable little girl. Thank you for a lovely pup!

Apart from minor whining when I put her into her carry-crate for a nap yesterday afternoon, she's taking her new life in stride. Her carry crate fits inside the sturdy one, so she slept there last night in a small barricaded area of the room with her potty patch accessible. She stirred a few times, but didn't ask to go out until 7 and hadn't even used the potty patch! Such a clever little thing. Of course, she then leapt out the door directly into a snowbank and needed rescuing.

There's not been a single pee inside so far, but the wind is too cold to keep her out long enough to pooh, so she finally went inside. However, that was right ON the potty patch that she'd ignored since she arrived. You did a truly fabulous job with her!

Also, she has the following instinct you'd once mentioned. Gracie is a little shadow inside and out, and is very focussed on us.

Thank you again, for a delightful little girl!

Penny 6wks
Penny - Liver/tan Breeze/Bentley puppy
Penny at home with her
best buddy Razz
Hi Catherine! Penny has been awesome!! She and Razz became best friends in 1/2 of a day. You wouldn't believe how much they have played. Penny has stolen the hearts of the Vet clinic and the pet store cause we had to get her a coat and she was terrific. She has been eating well and she has used the "Potty Patch" and the great outdoors. She had one accident but it was our fault cause I didn't understand the cue yet. She has also discovered the "puppy in the mirror" - she is intrigued by the movement and can't figure out how this puppy hides so fast. The vet asked me to give her your card and I am doing that. Your puppy has made quite the impression. She has fit right into our lives like she has always been there. You could not have picked a better pup for us. Thank you again. Joyce, Arnel, Penny and Razzle.

Piper - Shelby/Cooper Puppy

Catherine, wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Piper! We never stop laughing he is such a character! We took him to our vet at Capilano Pet hospital in North Van, this past Monday. They went nuts thought he was so cute. I laughed cuz right away before I said anything the vet said he is mostly schnauzer but what else? I said he is all schnauzer and explained the coloring to her. She had never seen that before. He also was completely healthy just like your vet said. She again went over the vaccination schedule.The first few nights we were up every 2 hours and he did pee outside each time but now he is sleeping from 1030 pm to 6 in the morning so has adjusted to being on his own with out his mom and siblings. He pretty much is house broken you did most of it.He is so friendly and even on Halloween never reacted to fire crackers or fireworks on our block. You really made him used to loud sounds. He wants to be outside all day everyday. Doesn't matter if it is raining he is out there. His little white paws are green from rolling and playing in the grass so needless to say we are going to give him a bath! He loves his crate no problems at night and during the day he wanders in there for naps. Yesterday I had to go to the dental surgeon for an hour so Piper got left in his crate that time. He did fine. He has the run of 2 big rooms when we are home otherwise we are with him when he goes around the house. Hasn't mastered the stairs yet. Can't thankyou enough Catherine. Piper is off to a great start and we are having a ball with him. All the neighbours love him already! Every morning he sits on the front lawn watching all the cars leave and then he wimpers! He is such a social butterfly like you said! Will send some pics as he gets older. I will book a grooming appt in the next while. We comb him everyday and there never seems to be any tangles! So thanks again, he has stolen our hearts already! Debbie Milne
Black/silver male - Javelin/Bentley Puppy
Hi Catherine, We've been thinking about you and can't thank you enough for the joy that you have provided in our life. We got a Java and Bentley, blue collared, puppy in late June and haven't looked back. We can't imagine our life without Whelan. He has been such a great addition to our family. We would like to give you credit for raising Whelan and providing him with the foundation to such a wonderful start to his life. As a result of your efforts the transition for Whelan and for us seemed effortless. He came to us very brave and accepting. We anticipated that Whelan would have exhibited behaviors due to leaving his "pack" , but he settled in quite comfortably.
Whelan is very good with our two kids and they love him dearly. Shockingly, my husband is the biggest suck when it comes to Whelan; he absolutely adores him. My time with Whelan is typically spent walking, cuddling, and grooming him "I find him very calming". He has learned the commands of sit, shake a paw, down, up, and be gentle. As far as house training goes he's almost accident free, other than those times that are owner inflicted. Recently we tried leaving Whelan at home on his own without being in his pen (I was extremely nervous), but to my surprise he did extremely well. In the past, leaving Whelan was a bit of an ordeal; reason being is that we needed to get the pen all set up and he would cry until a few minutes after we had left (we felt heartbroken). Now when we leave he has free range of the house and hasn't made a peep when we've left and the house is just as we left it. Whelan is very social. He interacts well with a wide range of animals and people. However, there are times that he needs to take a step back and give the person or animal the time that they need to feel comfortably in the situation. We're hoping with time and training (without losing his drive in being so friendly) he'll learn to hold back until he's given permission. We'd also like to mention that he does great while travelling and because of the crate training that you started and we've continued he's done great in a variety of overnight situations. As you can see in the attached photo's he is growing beautifully. His coloring is adorable and his size is perfect for us (he's a bit bigger than we expected, but we wouldn't change a thing). We take him to get groomed every couple months and keep his shots up to date. He's a happy and healthy puppy. Thanks again! From the March Family
Black Male - Sky/Enzo litter

Hi Catherine:

Just a note to let you know that all is well. We have decided to name him Quincy. He has settled in nicely, loves to be outside and to play with a ball and tug-of-war. He's eating well, though not as much as you had suggested. He has made it outside for all his business. Everybody loves him and we've had plenty of visitors already. Cathy


Black/silver parti male - Callie/Dakota
Hi Catherine!

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you! Jedi has far exceeded our expectations so far. He is the perfect balance of cuddles and playfulness. We are head over heels in love with him! You have done such a great job getting him started on his crate training - he loves his crate! He has all his naps in it and had an excellent car ride in it today. He slept so well last night we could not believe it - only up once to go outside. He loves the children and they adore him. Cam and I feel like we've just hit the jackpot with this little guy - we can't get over how sweet he is and how well behaved. House breaking has been unbelievably simple so far - we are nothing short of amazed. Thank you so much - you did an excellent job preparing him for his FURever home.

I hope it's ok, I'm attaching some pictures of our weekend so far. I just love to share this adorable face with everyone!

- Kelly & Jedi!
Black/silver male - Javelin/Enzo Litter
Dear Catherine,
Greetings to you from Fredy& Lotti. We are both well and he is such a good and happy puppy!
We spend a lot of time in my garden, he loves racing around on the lawn. He also does most of his"business" outside. He really is a good dog, and because of all his exercise he sleeps every night from 10:00 pm until "8:00 am!!!" What a perfect boy! Hope you had a good holiday and all is well with you. Thanks again for my precious , good dog--- he is a real treasure to have!!!
And a woof and a hi from Fredy and Lotti
Liver Parti Male - Aubree/Enzo Litter

Munchos is doing very well! He is an intelligent dog, maybe a little too intelligent because I can't trick him into getting brushed on his belly. He is eating well, and has suddenly taken interest with all his toys rather than just one.
Thank you for the litter box training! We picked up some compressed pellets, and he hopped right in to use the box. We are currently teaching him to use the litter box outside on the balcony. It seems like the new smells outside are overwhelming so he is only using the box outside ever so often for now. Your descriptions of him were very accurate! He looooves people! He lets anyone pick him up. When he wants a rub, he will come to our feet and lie on his back himself. He is able to climb up two steps we've made for him up to the top of his crate so his back legs are getting stronger.
He loves sitting on the balcony (we are on the 4th floor) to watch other dogs and people walking by. Twice today he barked to have us join him outside on the balcony.
We think he is very happy and now accustomed to his new home. His tail is always sticking straight up now. He now knows it exists and chases it in a circle sometimes. Silly dog.

Thank you Catherine :) He is almost everything we had imagined in a dog! Now it's just our part in training him up right! - Cheryl

Dante - Lexus/Cooper Puppy

Hi Catherine,

Just wanted to say thank you again for the puppy. The kids just love him. Dante has adjusted well to our family and is very social, playful and content. Dante hasn't affected my allergies or my son's. I'm pretty relieved and quite amazed actually. Yes, Dante is a clever boy and has been training well. He can sit and stay and is very responsive to his name. Dante's also toilet training well and has had very few accidents inside the house. We're really enjoying having him as part of our family.
Take care, Laurie

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Winston - Jetta/Nitro Puppy


Hi Catherine! Just a quick note to let you know that Winston is doing just great!! We all just adore him and he is SUCH a good little guy! We cart him around to the Grade 1 classes and preschool, and he is held and touched so much and doesn’t even make a peep.. he is just so good with kids, and is so bouncy and cute, and he loves to play. He is perfect for us! His potty training is coming along quite well, only a handful of accidents in the house which I think have been mostly my fault.. and he is eating enough and he has been sleeping through the night for about a week now. He is usually tuckered right out by night time, and turns into a big ball of cuddle.. we are having such fun with him. He’s been to the vet and has his 2nd shots booked for the end of this month.. still looking for a red plaid coat for the little fellow as he shivers like crazy out here in the freezing cold poor little BC boy!!

Thanks so much,

Maddi - Jetta/Nitro Puppy

Good afternoon Catherine. I just wanted to give you an update on our puppy Maddi. She has been an absolute delight to have in our family. She is great company, a good cuddler, loves playing in the yard on her own or with kids and has very quickly adapted to our lifestyle. She is great in the car in her crate, she picks up and drops off the kids with me daily and attends soccer practices weekly. She is even getting use to the leash walks around the block and to the park. Everyone who meets her cannot believe how beautiful she is. I recommend you to everyone who asks!

She sleeps through the night in her crate and is 99% at ensuring the yard is her bathroom.... not my dining room hardwood floor...

Steven and the kids have fallen in love with her and I am amazed at how patient and tolerant she is to being overly cuddled and hugged by the kids. She makes a great addition to the couch on movie nights!!

Thank you so much for your patience with us in making this very big decision. She is the perfect dog for our lifestyles and I really appreciate the time you took with us and the time you spent with the puppies to get to know their personality so well.

We are really enjoying our new addition to the family!

Thank you again! I look forward to seeing you again when she needs her next haircut!

Nicole and family

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Sable - Puppy joining our breeding program from the
Jetta/Nitro Litter
Hi Catherine, I just wanted to give you a quick update with Sable. She has been sleeping through the night the third day we got her so we get a full night sleep. I get her up at 7 am and she waked the kids up at 7:20 am, they love it when she comes in. She gets hers walks in every day, i have only been able to make it around Mill Lake once because i get stopped so often with people asking about her and wanting to see her, i got followed by two women who wanted to know where i got her, i'm sure i have given out your name to at least 5 people. She has been doing great, the other night i sat on the couch with her to watch tv and she got up and walked over to my husband and layed in his arms, it was great, my husband is definitely coming around, he has been holding her more but i don't think he will ever do the clean up after her. the kids have been amazing with her, i have never had to ask them to clean up after the dog, they just do it. she is learning to sit and is doing pretty good, Nolan is teaching her to "shake a paw" , i don't think it will take long. so that's a little update for you, we love her lots and are really enjoying her.
Black/silver Pup - Ciera/Cooper litter
Well, things are going absolutly amazing!, he's only had two accidents and they were really my fault not his....but I'm learning! This potty park thing is just wonderful! and He's wonderful, he doesn't make even a peep at night! Thank you for all of your efforts that have given us SUCH a wonderful addition to our family! He is soooo spoiled, the boys and Leonard literaly fight over him. He's so stimulated in the evenings by all of us, and Leonard cuddles up on the couch with him after everyone has gone to bed, the stimulation just wears him right out then he's so frisky in the morning, I LOVE IT!!

Thanks so much,
Angus6wks Angus6m
Hello Catherine!

Well it's been a few months since we picked up Angus from you at Christmas time and boy has he grown! (As you can see in picture)

He is so smart and cuddly. He waits for my daughter to come home from school to play outside with her and he seems to know when to wait downstairs just before she comes home. He is a great traveller; he has been in our boat to our cabin, camping in our trailer in Sidney, in the back of my husbands beatup jeep(tethered of course) and is relaxed and comfortable in our truck.

Angus has been a godsend to me.What you didn't know was that we had to put our older dog down in November. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and maybe a kidney disease they think. He was sick and we didn't think it would have been fair to him to keep going with his quality of life so drasically changing.

Max was diagnosed in September and I told my husband that the only way I was going to get through putting him down was to maybe look for another dog. Not to replace him but have something to look forward to in the future. So we started to look on line Thanksgiving weekend and we found you! I wasn't expecting to find a dog that quickly, I didn't really know WHAT kind of dog I wanted. Your website was so knowledgeable and open and of course the pictures were a seller too that we couldn't resist! Coincidentally, Angus is the 3rd dog I have owned that was born on October 30th. When you emailed us when he was born I knew I made the right decision for sure.

Thank you so much for doing such a great job in what you do! I have definitely recommended you many times when people have asked me about Angus. Thanks Paul and family
Lexi - Jetta/Pepsi Puppy
Smartie (now known as Lexi) is doing great. She’s smart and playful and a real joy to have around. We’ve been nomads for the past two weeks as our house renovations have taken on a life of their own but Lexi is adjusting well to all her new environments. She is doing pretty good with the potty training but she has a habit of taking off if given any opportunity (and she is fast). I plan to get her into puppy classes as soon as possible so I can get her a little better on a leash. The kids love her and she tolerates all the hugs and kisses the kids have to offer. Anyway, thanks again for such a great puppy.

Take care, Stacey
White Male - Jetta/Pepsi Litter
Catherine, well we got home from picking up the pup at the airport and he made out just fine. he is running around and is not one bit scared ,he ate and drank very well , and loves the snow . thank you he is a very cute and playful dog .i will keep in touch. blaine
Nero - Panda/Enzo puppy
Catherine, we can't thank you enough for providing us with the almost 100% obedient, LOL!, and most wonderful, loving, smart, happy, healthy, and cutest little schnauzer possible! Everyone so far, including complete strangers have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with him! Time will work out the small kinks, but overall, we couldn't have whished for anything better.He is an absolute JOY, and new love of our lives, and we would recommend you as the best breeder of schnauzers we've ever had the pleasure to meet! Dante's breeders were really super guys, and he was such a love too, but he didn't have near the exposure that Nero has had during his most formative period, and the difference is absolute night and day!
Garry & Mike
Kaeli - Panda/Enzo Puppy
Catherine - just had Kaeli at the vet's - she's 2.4 kg - said she was very healthy. Then we stopped at groomer. Said that she was perfect, Kaeli cuddled right up to her neck, Bonnie said she could hold her all day, she was so adorable.! She asked where we got her so I will give her one of your cards. Susan
Shiloh - Dancer/Nitro Puppy

Hi Catherine,
Just a quick update to say that Shiloh is doing great! He has a great personality! He is so playful. He was introduced to Bixby and it went really well. He really wants to play with her and she’s not sure what to do! She’s content watching him with her head bent to one side. His little face is adorable.

Shiloh had a good night. So far…not a single accident in the house! You almost forget that he’s not fully house-trained. He asked to go out twice during the night once at 11:45 and once at 4:20. We went out and he did his business. He’s also eating and drinking well. He loves the girls’ hair and climbs on them. We find him so affectionate and cuddly.

We’ll keep you posted.



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Sadie - Jetta/Pepsi Puppy

Hi Catherine, Sitting here with a wee puppy in my lap so I thought I would let you know things are going quite well. She is eating well and is quite social and friendly to everyone. She follows me everywhere but isn't sitting at my feet anymore begging to be picked up and reassured. She'll even wander off into another room and come when I call her back. She goes whenever I take her out and has only had 1 accident in the house so far. We love her and it's neat to see her in my Mom's lap fast asleep. At any rate I am very happy with her.

Thank you for a great pet!!


Boomer - Aubree/Nitro Puppy

Hi Catherine,

Just a quick update to let you know everything is going really well! Boomer's been an incredible addition to our life. Smart, energetic and just a ball of fun! (kind of works with her name) She has a ton of energy, until nap time, when she goes from 60 -0 instantly. She's definitely got a fetch instinct and will play forever if you let her (though she's still working on the whole giving it up part of the game!). She also the only dog I've ever met who really loves baths, and will dive under the water and play. Lots of times we've caught her standing with her paws up on the side of the tub, looking over at us hopefully.

She's very smart and eager to please and is picking up the training beautifully. So far she will sit, lie down, shake a paw and roll over on
command, will come when we call and go into her house whenever we ask her to. We had an obedience trainer do a puppy home visit last weekend and she was very impressed with how well Boomer behaved and how far along she was at her age. We are hoping to put her into obedience school next month, then we were thinking agility training since she seems to really enjoy our sessions.

We still get stopped on the street constantly, because she is just so cute and friendly. "Yep, mini-schnauzer, chocolate, 3 months old, unusual colour, next!" She's socializing very well and we've met a lot of dogs, dog owners and even neighbours since we got her. Getting a dog has really opened up our world.

Darren, Nancy and Boomer

Digby - Becky/Spencer Puppy



Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you and your family have had a good holiday and are enjoying the snow! Stuart and I can’t get over how fast Digby grows and how much he’s come into himself in only a week. He’s imprinted on us both and is pretty much potty trained...he goes to the back door to be let out! He’s very curious and adventurous. We took him for a walk today in the snow and he loved it. He’s been the best Christmas present for my family and I. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

All the best for the New Year,

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Trouble - Miata/Tonka puppy

Hi Catherine! just wanted to let you know Trouble is doing great in his new home. He slept through his entire first night with only a little whining and is responding really well to the crate training and housebreaking. Also, I took him to a Vet today who said he looks great and is in good health. SO we just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. It's obvious your puppies get a great foundation to build on!

I'll be in touch after the next set of shots!
Take Care,

Fresca - Miata/Tonka puppy
Hi there,
Wow, what a great pup. Fresca has just jumped right into her role as new baby in the family and is getting loved to bits and loves back just as much. She is so happy and well adjusted it's wonderful. Keiko is afraid of her I think and gives her a wide berth for the most part but she regularly attacks the fringes on his legs and he jumps away like he's been stung by a bee! She loves him and follows him everywhere. She is sleeping through the night with just one or two whimpers of only a few seconds and has had only one accident in the house shortly after we arrived home. Now we know she whines a lot and runs around like crazy before she goes pee! She has only used her inside potty 3 times and all the rest she has done outside. Way to go Fresca!
Winston - Miata/Tonka litter

Hi Catherine,

Winston is doing great. He settled in to my condo with no problem at all. All the neighbours love him (who wouldn't?) and he is very friendly with everyone we meet. I've attached a picture I took last week on the day he was 9 weeks old. He has already become my little sweetheart.

I'll keep in touch.

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